PETs Papers

PETs Papers


  • Summarize a paper (1 out of 22) in one page
  • You can choose both topic and paper freely. You do not need to inform us about your choice before submission.
  • All the papers should be freely accessible from TU network.
  • You can write a summary in English or German
  • Submit the summary through Moodle (preferred)
  • Alternatively, submit by-email to , please add [pets18summary], paper number and your name to the e-mail subject

1) Privacy in Mobility and Location data

1.1 – Deanonymizing mobility traces: Using social network as a side-channel, Srivatsa, Mudhakar and Hicks, Mike

1.2 – Privacy-Preserving Billing for e-Ticketing Systems in Public Transportation, Kerschbaum, Florian and Lim, Hoon Wei and Gudymenko, Ivan

2) Privacy in Health Data

2.1 – Aspects of privacy for electronic health records, Haas, Sebastian and Wohlgemuth, Sven and Echizen, Isao and Sonehara, Noboru and Mueller, Guenter

3) Vehicular Security and Privacy

3.1 – Robust Physical-World Attacks on Deep Learning Models , Evtimov, Ivan et al.

3.2 – Secure Wireless Automotive Software Updates using Blockchains: A Proof of Concept, Steger, Marco, et al.

4) Hardware-based Solutions for Vehicular Security and Privacy

4.1 – Optical PUF for Non-Forwardable Vehicle Authentication, Shlomi Dolev, Lukasz Krzywiecki, Nisha Panwar, Michael Segal

4.2 – Physical Unclonable Functions and Their Applications to Vehicle System Security, M. Asim, J. Guajardo, S. S. Kumar and P. Tuyls

4.3 – On the potential of PUF for pseudonym generation in vehicular networks, J. Petit, C. Boesch, M. Feiri and F. Kargl

5) Privacy intrusion by satellite images

5.1 – Transfer Learning from Deep Features for Remote Sensing and Poverty Mapping, Michael, Xie and Neal, Jean and Marshall, Burke and David, Lobell and Stefano, Ermon

6) Acoustic cross-device tracking

6.1 – Privacy Threats through Ultrasonic Side Channels on Mobile Devices, Daniel Arp, Erwin Quiring, Christian Wressnegger and Konrad Rieck

6.2 – On the Privacy and Security of the Ultrasound Ecosystem, Mavroudis et al.

7) User tracking over light-based side channels

7.1 – Identifying TV Channels & On-Demand Videos using Ambient Light Sensors, Lorenz Schwittmann et al.

7.2 – Using the Phones Light Sensor to Detect the TV Video Stream, Ionescu et al.

8) Implementation and Evaluation of Sonar

8.1 – Beamforming techniques for multichannel audio signal separation, Adel, Hidri, et al.

8.2 – SonarSnoop: Active Acoustic Side-Channel Attacks, Cheng, Peng, et al.

8.3 – Covertband: Activity information leakage using music, Nandakumar, Rajalakshmi, et al.

9) Multi-client theoretically secure storage solution

9.1 – LINCOS – A Storage System Providing Long-Term Integrity, Authenticity, and Confidentiality, Braun, J. et al.

10) Pairing-based Cryptography on Low-End Embedded Devices

10.1 – An introduction to pairing-based cryptography, Alfred Menezes

10.2 – Feasibility characterization of cryptographic primitives for constrained (wearable) IoT devices, Ometov et al.

11) Schnorr Multisignatures on Low-End Embedded Devices

11.1 – Simple Schnorr Multi-Signatures with Applications to Bitcoin, Maxwell et al.

11.2 – Keeping Authorities Honest or Bust with Decentralized Witness Cosigning, Syta et al.

12) Porting an STB implementation to IOS/MacOS and Integrating to OpenEmbedded

12.1 – Software upgrade of multi-streaming feature in Common Interface plus V1.4