Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Presentations will take place on March 20th, 10:00

General Info

  • Instructors: Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser, Nikolay Matyunin
  • Workload: 3CP
  • Structure: Lectures & practical assignments made in small groups
  • Kick-Off meeting: Fri, 19.Oct.2018, 11:40; S202/C205 – Bosch Hörsaal
  • Lectures: Oct.24, Oct.31, Nov.21, Nov.28, Dec.12, each 09:50– 11:30, S202/C110
  • Presentation dates: March 20 at 10:00, Mornewegstr.32, 5.3.01

Course overview

The lectures provide an overview of basic security protocols and architectural solutions which enhance user privacy on the Internet. In particular, the following topics are covered:

  • 24. October: Anonymous communication
  • 31. October: Database Privacy
  • 21. November: Secure Multi-party computation (MPC)
  • 28. November: Identity Management
  • 12. December: Location Privacy

In addition to lectures, students are given practical tasks covering one of the presented topics. Practical assignments are made in small teams of 3-4 people. Further details will be announced at the kick-off meeting.


  • November 4: submission of summaries
  • November 11: topic assignment request
  • March 20: presentations