Thesis Topics

Thesis Topics

In case you are looking for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, please choose your field of interest and contact the person responsible.

Critical Infrastructure & Railway Signalling Security

Please contact Markus Heinrich.

Hardware Side-Channel Attacks & Mobile Security

Please contact Nikolay Matyunin for details. Most of the topics are also available as Projekt Praktikum (6CP) at any time.

Currently available topics:

  • Detection of side-channel leakage from transmitting components (LTE/radio/WiFi/Bluetooth) on Android devices
    • Requirements: Experience with Android and C/C++, preferably also machine learning
  • Detection of malicious abuse of smartphone sensors, based on sensor fusion
    • Requirements: experience and/or interest in data analysis and digital signal processing
  • Voltage-based hardware fingerprint (PUF) on Android smartphones
    • Requirements: Good programming skills, C/C++ experience, interest in low-level programming (hardware/kernel module)
  • Smart speaker radar: detecting room objects using sonar acoustic signals
    • Requirements: Experience in acoustic communications & digital signal processing

Smart TV / IP TV systems

Please contact Dr. Tolga Arul.