Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design (S, 4CP)

General Information

  • Organiser: Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser, SecEng Gruppe
  • Form of the course: Blockseminar (4 CP)
  • Introductory event date: 24.04.2018, 10:30 S4|14, Room 5.3.01

Submission system is open! Deadlines are extended by 1 week.

Regarding the seminar

The seminar looks at various new research papers on “privacy”. The seminar participants will read current research papers and summarize them in a seminar paper. Each paper will be reviewed by at least one instructor and some other participants and then be revised by its author(s). The final work will then be presented to the other participants.


Kick-off meeting (24.04.2018 Slides)

General schedule

  • 24 April: Kick-off meeting (presentation of topics)
  • Until 1 May: Submit your 5 favourite topics to Nikolay Matyunin ( by 01.05
  • Until 7 May: Topics will be assigned to you
  • May – September: Meet and discuss with your supervisor


  • 8 August: First submission of paper
  • 22 August: Submission of reviews
  • 8 September: Final paper submission (addressing the points raised by the reviewers)
  • Mid-End September (TBA): Presentation of the paper

Mandatory supervision meetings

1st meeting

  • After topic assignment, contact your supervisor (mail, phone) to agree on a meeting.
  • Before the 1st meeting, read assigned papers and look through related work.
  • Agree on a structure of your paper as a basis for discussion.

2nd meeting

  • Intermediate meeting to present first structure of the paper.
  • Prepare structure (title, sections) and initial bullet points for each section.

3rd meeting: Before first submission

  • Bring your pre-final paper to the meeting in order to discuss it.
  • Submit this pre-final paper on the online platform.

4th meeting: After reviews

  • Bring your pre-final paper and the related reviews in order to discuss them.
  • Agree on how to address the reviews and on what should be on the final paper.
  • Submit final paper on the online platform.

5th meeting: One week before your talk

  • Contact your supervisor for a meeting in the week preceding your talk.
  • Bring your final presentation to the meeting in order to discuss it.

This schedule represents only the mandatory supervision dates!

The supervisors are free to arrange further meetings!

List of Topics and Supervisors

  • T1. Privacy-preserving Sports Tracking (Markus Heinrich)
  • T2. Location Privacy in VehicularNetworks(Markus Heinrich)
  • T3. Secure Computation Protocols (Niklas Büscher)
  • T4. Parallel Oblivious RAM (Niklas Büscher)
  • T5. Anonymous Remote Attestation (Florian Kohnhäuser)
  • T6. Intel Software Guard Extensions and Privacy (Florian Kohnhäuser)
  • T7. DRAM retention failures and privacy (Nikolaos A. Anagnostopoulos)
  • T8. Controlled PUFs and privacy (Nikolaos A. Anagnostopoulos)
  • T9. Optical Fiber Identification (Nikolaos A. Anagnostopoulos)
  • T10. Inaudible voice commands: attacks and defenses (Nikolay Matyunin)
  • T11. Privacy attacks using power analysis on mobile devices (Nikolay Matyunin)
  • T12. Privacy for pay-TV (Tolga Arul)
  • T13. Privacy for smart-TVs (Tolga Arul)