Security Engineering Group

Security Engineering Group, Prof. Katzenbeisser

Parts of the group have moved to Universität Passau.

Our Mythology

Information security has become a crucial concern for the commercial deployment of modern computer systems and applications. Even though the theoretical foundations of security – such as cryptography, access control and formal methods – are well understood, their integration into real-world systems remains a challenge. The deployment of security mechanisms is often ad-hoc, without a formal security specification or analysis.

The Security Engineering Group aims at bridging the gap between the cryptography, software engineering and formal methods communities, by offering theoretically sound methods for the design and analysis of secure systems. Using primitives and building blocks (such as encryption schemes, signatures, trusted computing, biometrics, watermarking) we develop designs for security features, applications and systems. Our aim is to provide solutions that satisfy pre defined functional requirements, but offer verifiable security against malicious adversaries. Furthermore, we study the impact of security solutions on the society as a whole.

Logo design by Luigi Trabucco.

We are a member of CYSEC.