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11th International Conference on Tests & Proofs

19-20 July 2017, Marburg, Germany


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

09:00–10:30   ECFMA Keynote  

Lionel C. Briand, University of Luxembourg
Model-driven verification and testing of cyber-physical systems: Tackling Scalability and Practicality Challenges   [Abstract and CV]

10:30–11:00   Coffee Break

11:00–12:30   Session 1 – Model-based Testing

Marcus Gerhold and Mariëlle Stoelinga
Model-Based Testing of Probabilistic Systems with Stochastic Time

Andreas Fuchs and Herbert Kuchen
Unit Testing of Database-Driven Java Enterprise Edition Applications

Afef Jmal Maalej, Moez Krichen and Mohamed Jmaiel
WSCLim: A Tool for Model-Based Testing of WS-BPEL Compositions under Load Conditions (Tool Paper)

12:30–14:00   Lunch

14:00–15:30   Session 2 – Tutorial    

Achim D. Brucker and Burkhart Wolff
Theorem Prover-based Testing: Combining Verification and Testing (Tutorial)   [Abstract]

15:30–16:00   Coffee Break

16:00–18:00   Session 3 – Joint Session with ECMFA    

Amir Shayan Ahmadian, Daniel Strüber, Volker Riediger and Jan Jürjens
Model-based Privacy Analysis in Industrial Ecosystems   (ECMFA)

Martin Gogolla, Frank Hilken, Philipp Niemann and Robert Wille
Formulating Model Verification Tasks Prover-Independently as UML Diagrams   (ECMFA)

Hichem Debbi
Modeling and Formal Analysis of of Probabilistic Complex Event Processing (CEP) Applications   (ECMFA)

Giles Reger, Martin Suda and Andrei Voronkov
Testing a Saturation-Based Theorem Prover: Experiences and Challenges (Short Paper)

Evening   Midterm Reception

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Thursday, 20 July 2016

09:00–10:30   TAP Keynote

Reiner Hähnle, TU Darmstadt
Abstraction Refinement for the Analysis of Software Product Lines   [Abstract and CV]

10:30–11:00   Coffee Break

11:00–12:30   Session 4 – Static and Dynamic Analysis

Gergö Barany and Julien Signoles
Hybrid Information Flow Analysis for Real-World C Code

Katalin Fazekas, Marijn J. H. Heule, Martina Seidl and Armin Biere
Skolem Function Composition for Quantified Boolean Formulas   (Short paper)

Katsuhiko Ikeshita, Fuyuki Ishikawa and Shinichi Honiden
Test Suite Reduction in Idempotence Testing of Infrastructure as Code

12:30–14:00   Lunch

14:00–15:30   Session 5 – Symbolic Execution and Testing

Imen Boudhiba, Christophe Gaston, Pascale Le Gall and Virgile Prevosto
Symbolic execution of transition systems with function summaries

Martin Gogolla, Frank Hilken, Khanh-Hoang Doan and Nisha Desai
Checking UML and OCL Model Behavior with Filmstripping and Classifying Terms   (Short paper)

Evening   Guided Tour "Casemates"

See the STAF website for details on the social events.