Nikolay Matyunin
PhD student
Security Engineering Group
Computer Science Department
Technische Universität Darmstadt & CYSEC

Address: CYSEC, Mornewegstr. 32, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany (4th floor, room 4.3.27)
Phone: +49-6151-16-25623
Fax: +49-6151-16-25627


  • Covert channels using mobile device's magnetic field sensors
    Nikolay Matyunin, Jakub Szefer, Sebastian Biedermann, Stefan Katzenbeisser
    in ASP-DAC 2016, Macao 
  • Zero-permission acoustic cross-device tracking
    Nikolay Matyunin, Jakub Szefer, Stefan Katzenbeisser
    in IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) 2018, Washington D.C. 
  • Tracking private browsing sessions using CPU-based covert channels
    Nikolay Matyunin, Nikolaos A.Anagnostopoulos, Spyros Boukoros, Markus Heinrich, André Schaller, Maksim Kolinichenko, Stefan Katzenbeisser
    in 11th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec) 2018, Stockholm, Sweden 


  • "Privacy-Enhancing Technologies" seminar (WS16/17, WS17/18)
  • "Privacy by design" seminar (SS17,SS18)

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